Allcoin is issuing Qtum Equity Token


Dear users, 

In order to make Qtum trading more convenient, Allcoin will provide exchange and distribution services of

Qtum Equity Token starting from today.  The exchange and distribution services will allow the owners of

the Qtum Equity Token use it for the equity circulation and trading. In addition, after launched the Qtum major

network,ownerscan do equity exchange by 1:1.

Emission of Qtum Token:

Total amount of potential emission: no more than 51 million tokens, the upper limit of Qtum crowdfunding.

The amount of first emission: 1.75 million tokens.

Allcoin crowdfunding share: 1.5 million tokens.

The share of early investors: 250,000 tokens.

Locked address of unissued Qtum Token:


The blockchain browser of Qtum Token:

Qtum Token Issue System: Taiyi Blockchain System.

The first transaction market:,

If you own Qtum Equity and are willing to change it into the Qtum  Token, please contact the customer us:

Allcoin team