Program and Procedures for Converting YBC Into YBCT


Dear users:

Allcoin has introduced the operation for converting YBC into YBCT. First you need to deposit your YBC tokens into your Allcoin account. Then please convert your YBC into YBCT by 1:10 proportion ,according to the program of YBC official team. The details of converting procedures are as following:
1. Log in your Allcoin account, enter the website page “My Assets” to find “YBCoin YBC”. Then click the “convert” button.

2. After entering the “convert” page, it will automatically show how many YBC tokens do you hold and how many YBCT tokens do you own after conversion. Please enter the right transaction password to finish conversion.

3. After finishing the conversion, you can check your “Conversion Record” under this page.
YBCT’s trading and deposit & withdrawal service available will be announced again, please stay tuned.

Risk Notice: Please take into account that Allcoin only provides a free exchange platform, does not make any audit or guarantees the value. Allcoin will not be accountable for any gains or losses that you incur as a result of trading. If you can not accept the risks, please refrain from trading.

Allcoin Team