Allcoin Will Open Ink Tokensale Soon


Dear users,

Allcoin will open Ink Tokensale soon, the tokensale will be available as following:

00:00:00, 13th, November, 2017 UTC time.

Ink is a decentralised solution harnessing the combined power of Consortium Blockchain, Public Blockchain and Cross-chain Interoperability for the global Creative Industry. More information about Ink please visit

How to participate in Ink Tokensale?

The first method: click the "Tokensale" button on the top home page to see the Ink Tokensale.

The second method: click the Ink banner in the middle of the home page.

Notice: Please take into account that Allcoin only provides a free tokensale platform, does not make any audit trading. If you can not accept the risks, please refrain from trading. 

Allcoin Team