Allcoin is Opening CK.USD Market and Trial Operation


Dear users:

CK.USD is the abbreviation of CK USD Token, a type of blockchain token launched by CK Fintech Corp., a wholly-owned holding company of Canadian-listed company CK Group. 

CK.USD can be used to do capital settlement between the exchange and financial institutions in CK system. CK.USD is issued upon CNET network based on super-transaction network technology, and will reach the millisecond transaction speed in the future. Every CK.USD unit is equal to 1 USD on all the CK exchanges.

CK.USD will be listed on USD market as the first step for trial operation starting from:

00:00, 15th of November, 2017 (Vancouver time);

15:00, 15th of November, 2017 (Beijing time).

More trading pairs will be listed soon, please stay tuned.

Risk Notice: Please take into account that Allcoin only provides a free exchange  platform, does not make any audit trading. If you can not accept the risks, please  refrain from trading.

Allcoin Team