Love Without Boundaries - Digital Assets Give-away Aid Operation to Venezuelans Will Start Soon


Dear Venezuelans:

In consideration of Venezuelans' hard situation suffering from starve, the serious declined purchasing power of bolivar and the tense economic status, BitEco Foundation shows they quite understand the suffering of Venezuelans. On the occasion of Christmas coming, BitEco Foundation together with Allcoin decide to give away Bitcoin ECO (BEC, a type of digital asset) to Venezuelans. Here is the detailed arrangement:

Activity schedule:

00:00, 24th, December, 2017 - 00:00, 14th, February, 2018 (Vancouver time);

16:00, 24th, December, 2017 - 16:00, 14th, February, 2018 (Beijing time).

Activity content:

During this period, Allcoin will give away digital assets worth $300 million to the top 1 million Venezuela users who pass through all the verifications (including Primary Authentication and Advanced Authentication). Every Venezuela users will get 2000 BEC tokens as bonus. Allcoin will continue to give away digital assets in the future as needed. 

Activity steps:

1. Please use your Venezuelan phone number (Area code: +58) to register Allcoin account via Venezuelan network IP address.

2. Log in your Allcoin account and visit "Verification" subpage within "Account Security" page, then fill in your basic information to proceed "Primary Authentication".

3. After you pass through the "Primary Authentication", please visit "Transaction Password Settings" subpage within "Account Security" page to set your transaction password.

4. After you set transaction password, please come back to "Verification" subpage within "Account Security" page, then proceed "Advanced Authentication" (including Email verification, Identity verification and Address verification).

Pay attention: Please upload your Venezuelan ID card or Venezuelan passport for Identity verification. Please make sure the proof of residency uploaded on "Address verification" is totally the same with the address information filled in "Primary Authentication".

5. When you finish all the verifications, Allcoin will deposit 2000 BEC into your Allcoin wallet address as soon as possible.     

* Notes:

1. For Venezuela users who register on Allcoin during this period,it means you join in the Digital Assets Give-away Aid Operation successfully.

2. After you register on Allcoin, please make sure you finish all the verifications during the activity time, or you will lose the opptunity to get digital assets bonus.

3. If your verifications are rejected by Allcoin, please log in Allcoin to check the reason in time, then re-upload the profile pictures according to Allcoin's rules and standards.

4. If you don't understand the verification rejected reason, please send email to and ask for help with the E-mail subject: "Consultation of Venezuelan verification".

5. After the activity, we will distribute 2000 BEC to each Venezuelan users who meet all the activity requirements within 3 workdays.       

6. Bitcoin ECO (BEC) is one type of Bitcoin forked blockchain tokens. More information please visit:

7. All Venezuelan users must be real. If we find any fake account, Allcoin will withdraw all those tokens bonus.

8. This activity is designed for Venezuelans only, please make sure your allcoin account is registered with your Venezuelan phone number via Venezuelan network IP.

Notice: The final interpretation to this activity belongs to Allcoin.

We sincerely wish Venezuelans pull through soon!

Thanks for your support.

Allcoin Team