AIDOC Will be Listed on Allcoin in Advance


Dear users:

AIDOC deposit service has been opened already, Allcoin will open AIDOC/CK.USD, AIDOC/ETH trading and AIDOC withdrawal service soon.

AIDOC trading and withdrawal service will be available since:

00:30, 10th, January, 2018 (Vancouver time);

16:30, 10th, January, 2018 (Beijing time).

*Notice: Allcoin will cancel your buying order during AIDOC trading sale automatically before AIDOC trading available.

To celebrate AIDOC listing on Allcoin, we decide to organize an activity named as " AIDOC Giveaway", here is the detailed arrangement.

AIDOC Giveaway rules:

1. At 00:00 10th, January, 2018 Vancouver time (16:00, 10th, January, 2018 Beijing time), Allcoin will take snapshots for Allcoin CK.USD and ETH holders.

2. Users who own at least 10 CK.USD or at least 0.01 ETH on your Allcoin account balance will get 7 AIDOC tokens as bonus.


1. If you own at least 10 CK.USD and at least 0.01 ETH at the same time, you will get 14 AIDOC tokens as bonus.

2. Allcoin will pay AIDOC bonus to your Allcoin account before AIDOC trading available.

3. If we find any fake account, Allcoin will take away all those tokens bonus.

4. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to Allcoin.

Risk Notice: Please take into account that Allcoin only provides a free exchange platform, does not make any audit. If you can not accept the risks, please refrain from purchase.

Allcoin Team