FID Will be Changed to AFT


Dear users:

As the FID project has stopped development and operation, FID team Cooperated with ASSETFUN team decides to convert FID into AFT. Allcoin will convert 1 FID to 1 ASSETFUN's main network currency which named AFT directly for FID holders.

Here is the detailed arrangement:

1.FID deposit & withdrawal service has been closed;

2.FID trading will be closed since 3:00, 7th, March, 2018 (Vancouver time);

3.Wallet will be updated and the conversion will be completed at 23:00, 7th, March, 2018 (Vancouver time);

4.AFT deposit & withdrawal service will be available since 23:00, 7th, March, 2018 (Vancouver time).

* Notice:

1. After FID trading closes, Allcoin will cancel all the orders and delist FID.

2. After wallet updates and the conversion completes, the original FID deposit & withdrawal addresses will be no longer used anymore.

3.AFT trading time will be published in further notice.

Any questions please contact ASSETFUN official team:

Risk Warning: 

1. Allcoin only provides a free-trade platform for crypto currencies, without reviewing and providing assurance for their values. Therefore, Allcoin does not bear liability to pay compensation for any loss from the platform. Please do not make any transaction before you fully understand and accept this condition. Purchasing digital currency has high risks and please be cautious about investing in the market.

2. Notice for Users from America, China, Singapore and other countries: In view of the great change of global regulation, Allcoin recommends you to take a legal advice from your lawyer before continuing to trade cryptocurrencies. Allcoin retains the right to terminate service for users who may break the local related laws at any time.

Allcoin Team