[Delisting Rules] Delisting Rules of Allcoin Trading Markets and Tokens


In order to protect the digital assets holders, Allcoin reserves the right to delist or continue to support digital assets/tokens projects trading on Allcoin exchange. If the project party triggers the following conditions, we may announce the project removal, including but not limited to:
1. The project has significant legal compliance issues;
2. There are serious problems with the blockchain or related technologies;
3. Due to strategic adjustment and development needs, project team request to remove their project on their own initiative;
4. Insufficient trading volume or negative bid&ask orders: Transaction days in a month is less than 15 days or the cumulative trading volume in a month is less than 10000 ck.usd.
5. The team's operational capacity is insufficient or the feedback provided on the request is not positive.
6. As a result of any change in the factors, the project no longer meets the basic qualification requirements of the currency required by Allcoin exchange.

Allcoin will review the transaction markets of the website and on-line tokens one by one according to the situation to check whether the cryptocurrency agreement is met. To avoid tokens being removed, the project party shall promptly respond to requests for feedback from us and inform us the progress or major issues of the project or tokens, for example, the fork.

* Delisting process

Allcoin reserves the right to delist trading markets or tokens directly without prior notice. And we may also notify users in advance of the transaction markets or tokens to be delisted.
If a transaction market or token is confirmed to be delisted, delisting date is generally one week after the announcement. While, if necessary, Allcoin has the right to decide at its own discretion to delist the trading markets or tokens immediately.

* Withdrawal of delisted tokens
When the trading market or the token is delisted, Allcoin will usually provide 30 days for users to withdraw the tokens. But in some circumstances, the withdrawal time may be shortened. So please withdraw the tokens as soon as possible before the deadline. In some cases, Allcoin may not guarantee that the users can withdraw tokens, for example, technical failure (eg. block damage) makes users unable to withdraw tokens.

Allcoin Team