Risk Declaration

Dear Users:

Before you decided to take participation in our token sales, please read this Risk Declaration carefully. Click “I Agree” and buy tokens will be see as you have knowledged and decided to undertake all the risks which occurred by token sell.

1.Based on different governments attitudes and governments policies on digital tokens all around world, please ask your local lawyer for professional advice before you make the decision. If token sale is banned in your country, please leave our website immediately, otherwise you have to undertake all risks by yourself.

2.As the trading platform for digital tokens and the presentation place for projects, Allcoin will try its best to help the seller and buyer make the deal successful. However, Allcoin does not make any guarantee promising in tokens sales, like token issue time, trading, trading price, project team, or project complete.

3.In order to protect your profit and interests, you agree that Allcoin will return your trading tokens when the relative token publisher delay or refused to issue the tokens. You have aware that Allcoin does not undertake any responsibly for any of your prospective yield or indirect loss.

4.Due to the network Congestion, you might not receive the confirmation of buying on time during the process of token sale. You understand and agree that Allcoin will make the confirmation based on the order number. Allcoin will return your trading tokens if the relative token sold out. Allcoin does not undertake any responsibility for your actions of buying.

5.Because all tokens were produced within a short period of time, the status of project and the application of new technology need more time to verify, the market recognition is in a low degree either. Please make sure you have fully understand the detail of the relative token before you buy it.

6.Please be aware that the price of digital tokens could be influenced dramatically by government policies, market trading, and market manipulation. Allcoin does not make any guarantee promising for any tokens’ value or any form of market manipulation in Allcoin or other platforms.

7.Allcoin does not undertake any responsibly for any direct or indirect loss you suffer which were occurred by using our website.